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Who are we ?

Since our establishment in 2014, we have been serving the private sector and public institutions with a professional perspective and expert staff. Public institutions, private sector organizations, non-governmental organizations, universities and international organizations are among the institutions we serve.


APEC guides rapidly developing and changing businesses to achieve the best. Based on the visions and goals of those who request service, needs analyzes are made and efficient solutions that increase efficiency are put forward. Here, our main goal is to make a difference in its sector and move forward with stronger steps.

After our service, post-service monitoring and evaluation studies are carried out in order to measure effectiveness. This contributes to the continuity of the client's development process.

The effects of our practices contribute to perfection by affecting every step of the organization of businesses.

APEC is actively involved in the preparation, implementation and updating of national occupational standards and national qualifications in cooperation with the Vocational Qualifications Authority.

Our Partners

Since 2000, we have trained thousands of people at national and international level in many different subjects, we have prepared and conducted many national and international projects, and we have provided consultancy to hundreds of projects.

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