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APEC provides services in many different areas.


We conduct analysis studies that compare the performances targeted by institutions and organizations with their current situation and determine their potential.

Analysis Studies


We organize in-service trainings and provide consultancy services to public / private institutions and organizations by designing original training modules in line with their internal functioning and corporate goals.



We are actively involved in the preparation of minimum norms that show what the required knowledge, skills, attitudes and attitudes are accepted by the Vocational Qualifications Authority in order to successfully perform the determined professions, taking into account the priority needs of the labor market and educational institutions and the recommendations of the sector committees.

Occupational Standards


We contribute to the improvement of the service they offer by providing trainings for Turkish C2 Language Proficiency Exams for Turkish people working abroad.

Language Proficiency


We carry our activities in our own fields of work to a global scale. We carry out joint studies with many official institutions, non-governmental organizations and universities outside of our country.

International Studies

video kamera konferans

We provide Training Videos, indoor and outdoor video and photo shooting services according to corporate needs.


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